Friday, September 23, 2022

 Update September 23, 2022 (update from Eric):

Good day. We were able to give two arms to a double amputee! This should make his work so much easier as a disaster relief coordinator. We were able to help someone who helps others!






Wednesday, September 7, 2022

 Update September 7, 2022 (update from Eric):

September 5, 2022:  Our favorite occasions! Delivered an arm to this wonderful gentleman this morning.



Friday, August 26, 2022

 Update August 26, 2022 (update from Eric): 

The group that visited us from Guastatoya made an excellent video! Huge thanks to them for sharing it with us:   It is definitely worth watching!


Thursday, August 25, 2022

Update August 25, 2022 (updates from Eric): 

So far, it's been a busy week for IMS, fitting people for their new prosthetics!  So this will be a long post with quite a few photos.  For even more photos, please go to our Facebook page:



Another one delivered today! Also a utensil/pencil holder. He recently suffered this loss and this should help get him going again.


And another arm given today!   He took to using it right away! Bayron, we pray it serves you very well.   Also a very big thank you to Iglesia Alfa Y Omega for your generous donation!


August 24:

Just got these great pictures in from yesterday. What a great day! We also gave him a utensil holder and a pen holder. He was able to start writing with it quickly! He's going to do well.

August 23:

What a morning! Delivered arms for five people, one young man received two, and measured someone for another. I didn't really get much for pictures as we were so busy in our small space but there was a photographer with the group and he took a lot of good ones and some video as well. When he shares them with us we will post them here! A lot of smiles, hugs and handshakes. May you all find them very useful!


August 22:

 One of our hands at work! So happy to see it being used.



Saturday, August 20, 2022

 Update August 20, 2022 (update from Eric): 

Waiting for their new users, been a busy week for all of us! 8 in all.



 We've been busy this last week! Monica building...




Thursday, August 11, 2022

 Update August 11, 2022 (updates from yesterday from Eric):

We attended a dedication service for the new home today. Family, neighbor, some of the crew and his pastor and pastors wife. Very nice time with a snack and some cake! God bless you all!

Back at the office: Monica has been busy building! Two down and more coming.



Tuesday, August 9, 2022

  Update August 9, 2022 (updates from Eric):  

A view of the old walkway when it was dry and now the present!



Such a world of difference! There's now a sheltered walk between his house and the bathroom. A safe secure walking surface all around! Just a week ago it was some low partial walls and a lot of mud. 

 Thank you so much to the crew who pulled this together! The great crew and the new resident...


There will be a dedication ceremony in the morning!


Earlier update from today:

Well it's a wet rainy morning and we hope they can get the house finished this morning. Meanwhile the printer just keeps printing. Five hours to go on a seventeen hour print!
Have a specially designed hand and three lower arms ahead as well as fitting in that first upper arm final assembly. One more part to track down for that!